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From Some of  Our Clients

I've hired a dozen Business consultants in the past five years who all had answers to my business problem before we met. It didn't matter what business issues I was having, they had the answers for a fee.   

Denis took the time to understand my business and determine the issues before making any recommendation.  More importantly, he's the first consultant who actually paid for himself.

He learned my business and helped to increase profits substantially in a short time. He has used his broad experience to advance the interests of my company as if it was his own.


Denis has interacted with my clients, accountants, attorneys, software developers, and others to make a substantial impact on profitability and efficiency across my business, and for this reason, I am happy to recommend him.


We met Denis in 2017 when starting our business in the U.S. From the beginning, we collaborated very well. He liked our products and offered his support for our business venture in the U.S.

Denis is a capable and versatile networker. He introduced us to suitable contacts that helped us a lot to validate the potential of our products.

During our second stay in the U.S., he opened the door to the first investor. In this early stage we gained valuable insights and experiences for the next steps.

Afterwards, he guided us to evaluate our business model ideas. Additionally, he developed potential market-entry strategies with us. As our functional prototype was available, he gave us valuable feedback on UI and UX.

Furthermore, he contributed useful input for our Pitch Deck development.


We appreciate Denis' reliable support, as well as his open-minded and curious intellect. We are looking forward to our further collaboration. Thank you very much Denis!


At a crucial junction in my business, Denis provided valuable guidance and direction. 

He quickly understood my unique business and pinpointed some areas of weakness and strength, which helped me better direct my time and energy. 

Through our interactions, I gained insights regarding under-examined aspects of my business, such as my true costs, who my customers are, and how to conduct better market research. 

Equally as valuable, Denis was able to impart and apply timeless business principles to my situation, which have already altered the way I look at my future plans and current strategies!


You rarely meet someone like Denis, who is committed to your goals and success, and thinks outside of the box to create steps to get there.

Denis has been serving as our Business Consultant for the last several months. He has proved to be invaluable, and I don't say that lightly.

From day one, we were impressed by his intelligence, wealth of knowledge, and ingenuity.

He is a critical thinker and an exceptional problem solver dedicated to providing his clients with options, answers, and resources.

He isn't afraid to ask difficult questions to get to the root of what his client is really trying to communicate. He also empowers his clients and is an excellent teacher.

Denis is easy to work with, trustworthy, and accessible. He is someone who will help you reach your business goals. We are closer to ours because of Denis.

DENISE WEBB, Healthcare Services

Denis is an expert in business analysis, development and executive coaching.

He has been a great advisor to me and my business for several years, helping me to laser focus on key business drivers, identify options, and he has shared ways for me to implement practical business changes.

I’ve referred Denis to several of my clients, and I have received feedback that he made a substantial impact on their bottom line, too.


Denis has given me a new set of eyes to look at my business.

If you're not careful, you'll find your business running you, instead of you running your business! That's where I was. Just the thought of looking at Quickbooks reports makes me want to run out into traffic!


Denis has changed my entire approach to doing business.

Not only did he show me the numbers, he's helped me understand them and set tangible goals. He's completely changed the way I view customer incentives to generate repeat business. 

It's easy to get distracted while working on the day-to-day. Thanks to Denis, I have a new vision for my business, goals, and an action plan. I cannot express how he has reignited my passion to grow to our full potential.

Thank you, Denis for helping me get jazzed again about my business. I hope others experience the dramatic change you've made in my life and business.

SUNNY MILLER, Retail Services

Clients: Testimonials
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